7-keto DHEA dosage, how effective is this hormone pill for libido or weight control? Do studies clarify the role of this supplement and what are the benefits? Does it help with body building or weight lifting?
November 2 2017

7-keto DHEA is a hormone similar to DHEA (where you can buy 7-ketodhea at a discount). Proponents claim that 7-Keto DHEA cannot be metabolized to active androgenic or estrogenic hormones but retains and enhances the immunologic, memory-enhancing and thermogenic effects of DHEA. Some users who have taken this hormone have been found to have elevated estrogen levels on a blood test.

Libido and impotence
DHEA has sexual enhancement properties. We do not know if 7-keto DHEA has the same effect but we suspect it does.

Weight loss, does it help you lose weight?
Do 7-keto dhea studies show benefits for weight loss for someone who wants to shed a few extra pounds?
We have not seen any convincing studies yet regarding the long term loss of weight.

7 Keto DHEA 25 mg dosage per capsule
DHEA 5 mg, 60 capsules
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Directions: Avoid side effect by taking only half or a third of the 25 mg pill.

Available over the counter
Does the FDA allow 7 keto DHEA to be sold without a doctor’s prescription?
Yes, as of 2016, the FDA has not banned 7 keto DHEA supplements from being available over the counter.

Health benefit
As of 2016, no human studies of any significance have been published in Medline regarding 7-keto DHEA benefits. Therefore, no recommendations can be made at this time. Some people claim this hormone improves libido and erectile function. For sexual enhancement, see tongkat ali. Another herb to consider for this purpose is yohimbe bark. For weight lifting or body building we recommend a safer alternative called creatine monohydrate powder.

7 keto DHEA supplement vs DHEA
Does supplementing with 7-keto-dhea raise dhea levels? I know dhea doesn’t have any feedback loop mechanism connection and supplementing with it wont cause adrenal glands to stop producing, but will supplementing with 7-keto-dhea cause this metabolite to be produced less? I have read in several places that supplementing with 7-keto-dhea raises dhea levels far more higher than dhea itself because it reduces the present dhea’s conversion to 7-keto metabolite. CAn this be true. It is very interesting to see many claims that dhea alters sexual tendencies. Lycium caused my dhea levels to go very high, By that time my girlfriend was also using it to reach my enhanced libido. She now have bisexual tendencies which seems to be really permenant.
These are good questions and at this time we don’t know if 7 keto dhea raises dhea levels or whether there is a negative feedback loop.