Natural weight loss supplement information – Are there some that work, how many pills a day, are these pills safe?
January 22 2017

The internet abounds with ads for natural weight loss supplements. Which of them work? Do any of them work? Some studies have shown certain natural supplements for weight loss are effective, at least in the short term. However, long term studies are not available to determine efficacy and safety. An excellent, doctor formulated product for suppressing appetite and for weight loss is Diet Rx.

Natural weight loss supplement
Q. I’m a believer in natural weight loss supplement remedies over prescription drugs, however, I have a difficult time explaining why to my husband. How can I convince him that natural weight loss supplements are better than pharmaceuticals?
A. In our opinion, natural weight loss supplements are better than prescription drugs. We find natural weight loss supplements and dietary intervention to offer great promise in the prevention or treatment of obesity. Some people may benefit from a natural weight loss supplement, others may benefit from a drug while still others may find a combination of a natural approach and drugs is the best option for their condition. We think green tea extract, hoodia extract, glucomannan, various forms of fiber are excellent options as natural weight loss supplements.

Natural supplement to boost metabolism
A natural supplement to boost metabolism would include Green Tea Extract which should not be taken the same day as yohimbe stimulant.

Natural herbal cholesterol lowering supplement
Q. Is there a natural herbal cholesterol lowering supplement that also helps with weight loss?
A. You may look into psyllium husk and glucomannan.

Safe natural weight loss supplement
Q. Is there a natural stimulant supplement for weight loss that is safe?
A. Most of the natural weight loss supplements are safe if use din low dosages. Diet Rx is an excellent option.