PassionRx review, benefits, side effects, testimonials, how to use, sale and purchase

After years of research, renowned doctor Ray Sahelian, M.D., author of Natural Sex Boosters, has formulated a product that has a wonderful effect on sexuality.
PassionRx is ideal for Men and Women who are not enjoying intimacy as much as before, or are concerned about not keeping up with their partner, and also for those who wish to enhance a routine relationship to new heights of Passion. Passion Rx has a unique mix of exotic herbs from four continents (Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa). Results are often seen the first day, but continue to improve over several days of use. Our research thus far indicates more than 80% user satisfaction. All the ingredients in Passion Rx have been personally tested by Dr. Sahelian to assure top notch quality control. This product is made by a GMP certified manufacturer in California, USA. There are no hormones, drugs, or unlisted substances.

Clinical experience and feedback from customers shows PassionRx:
Supports healthy sensation and stamina
Improves healthy libido and sexual thoughts
Supports healthy erectile function
Increases the pleasure of orgasms and climaxes
PassionRx supports and maintains many aspects of the human sexual experience.

Ingredients in PassionRx:
Ashwagandha, tribulus terrestris extract, yohimbe bark, a proprietary blend of high potency extracts of cnidium monnieri, catuaba, maca, and Tongkat Ali.

Suggested use and recommendation, how to take:
PassionRx can be used in a low dose over several days (this is the better option), or it can be used in a higher dose for a quick effect. The effects are cumulative, that is, the more days you take it, the more it builds up in your system and the more enhancement you will feel. Herbs work slower than drugs. PassionRx is designed to work slower with a minimum of side effects as opposed to drugs that work quick but have serious consequences. Some users feel aroused and ready for action within an hour, while for others it takes several days or even a week or two. Each person is unique in their response.

I would just like to know what are the effects of taking this product after you have eaten will it still work or will it lesson the the way it works as i forget to take it before breakfast sometimes.
It is better absorbed before a meal on an empty stomach, but you may could try it after to see if it still works for you as well.

I am wondering why you recommend to take this herbal sexual pleasure pill every 2nd day. I have been taking every day and don’t notice a problem. Actually, do you recommend this for every vitamin / mineral supplement or just herbs? And why?
Initially it may be ok to take daily to build up in the system, but after a while it works just as well taken less often.

Side effects, adverse reactions, safety
Q. I would like to know if the PassionRx increases heart rate? And if there are any side effects at all? If so what are they, and is this something I should consult my family physician about?
A. Passion Rx, and almost all sexual herbal products, increase heart rate. The rate of increase is dose dependent, that is the higher the dose or dosage, the more rapid heart rate. Low dosages may not have much of an influence. Most sex herbs are not recommended to those with heart disease or taking heart medications. Taking 2 pills, even in the morning, can cause shallow sleep.

Q. I am thinking about purchasing PassionRx product for myself and my partner and I was just wondering if you have a list of contraindications. My partner is on thyroid and statin medication, so I want to be careful. He has hypothyroidism and what may be familial hyperlipidemia. I don’t have time to look up the contraindications for each herb listed in the formula right now. So I was hoping you might have your own cautionary statement regarding contraindications for this Passion Rx formula.
A. Those with medical conditions may prefer using half a capsule every other day and have approval by their doctor, and also read the contraindications on the Passion Rx webpage.

Breast feeding, lactation
Can lactating women safely take Passion Rx or any other libido-enhancement natural product?
We are not aware of any studies regarding the safety of libido enhancement natural products during lactation. One has to balance the potential benefits to the mother versus the unknown risks (although most likely quite unlikely to the baby. If your doctor approves, use very low dosages of Passion Rx or other sexual herbal products, and limit use to 2 days a week.

High Blood Pressure and medications
Q.  I take blood pressure medication. Ziac at 2.5 mg and Accupril at 20 mg, but I cut them in half so I’m only really taking 10mg.
A. If you do use any sexual product, we suggest you use half the dosage and be patient for it to take longer to work, but this reduces side effects. The final decision maker is your doctor.

Q. My wife has high blood pressure but takes medication to keep it under control. Given the above would it be safe for her to take Passion Rx Yohimbe. If not could you recommend anything else to increase her sexual drive?
A. We can never claim any supplement is safe to use for any person. Eating more fish, garlic, onions, and ginger can help sexual drive. Using half the suggested dosage of an aphrodisiac herb or formula is another option.

Q. Which sex enhancing herbs would you advise which do not cause hypertension – which ones are least dangerous with this regard in a man?
A. It is difficult to say what sex herbs influence blood pressure since few human studies have been done, but we find Prostate Power Rx to have a combination of herbs that are gentle yet provide sexual enhancement.

Q. I’m a 48 year old female and am interested in Passion Rx. I’m taking 20 mg/daily of Lisinopril, and am wondering if I will see any benefit if my libido is being affected by the Lisinopril. I understand that low libido is a common side effect from most all blood pressure meds, so changing to another one may or may not improve my situation.
A. We cannot predict in any one person whether Passion Rx or any sexual herb or combination formulas would help. In general, Passion Rx is able to reverse some a decrease libido from certain medications.

Hysterectomy, low estrogen
Q. My wife has had a complete hysterectomy, which is the reason for her low sex drive. Will Passion Rx Yohimbe still help, even though she can not produce any estrogen in the first place?
A. The effects of PassionRx are not dependent on a woman having her ovaries intact. There are more than a dozen herbs in Passion Rx and they all work in different ways to enhance sexual urge, sensation, and pleasure.

Is Passion Rx safe to use during pregnancy?
No studies have looked at the safety of Passion Rx in pregnant women, therefore it would be best not to use this product until after delivery. Few studies have been done with herbal supplement safety during pregnancy. No studies have been done with Passion Rx in women who are pregnant. Therefore we don’t know if this product is safe or not to use during pregnancy. Since we can’t be sure, we advise not to use it during the 9 months of pregnancy. If used only two days a week, Passion Rx is probably safe to use in women who plan to become pregnant, but here again we have no studies to prove the safety. Your doctor needs to make the final decision.

Q. We note with interest the very judicious warnings about over-dosing on PassionRx and sexual herbs and advice not to mix it with medications. We have seen several patients who are on low-dose testosterone and/or DHEA but like to use herbal supplements such as Passion Rx specifically for impotence in males. If PassionRx with every third day off is reasonably well tolerated, do you feel it is safe to continue with testosterone cream to bring low testosterone levels to the normal range?
A. As a general rule we prefer people not use hormones on the day of Passion Rx use, but to use these hormones on the off days. Sometimes there can be too much stress on cardiac tissue with rapid heart beat when sexual herbs and androgens are used together, unless the dosages of both testosterone and Passion Rx are kept low.

Interactions with medications, prescription drugs
Might the formula adversely interact with Adderall, Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine? My husband takes Adderall XR 30 mg once or twice each day.
We do not suggest taking them the same day since the herbal formula can increase energy and cause stimulation.

Use with Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other impotence or erectile dysfunction prescription drugs
Q. Can Passion Rx be used in conjunction with Viagra or Cialis, or is there no necessity for it anyway?
A. Many people find Passion Rx, after a few days of use, to be very helpful. There are some people who still prefer to take an additional ED drug shortly before activity (not the same day as Passion Rx which can be taken the 2 days before). When taking an ED drug, the dosage would be a third or half of the usual dosage since Passion Rx would have already provided an enhancement. It takes a few days of taking Passion Rx every other day to have the full benefits. Only use an ED drug with your doctor’s approval and only if you have no major medical conditions or heart problems.

I would like to know if on the days that I am not taking Passion Rx with yohimbe can I take Viagra.
If your doctor approves, yes. We suggest you use half your normal Viagra dosage since there will already be some sexual enhancement lasting from the use of Passion Rx from the days before. You can use the natural enhancer two or three days before the day where you take the erectile dysfunction prescription drug, and only half your normal ED drug dose.

I have a question regarding Passion Rx with Yohimbe, which I have recently purchased. Is it possible to take Passion Rx in the morning and if it does not work by evening take Lavitra or Viagra or Cialis. Or do I need to wait a day or 2 before taking Lavitra or Viagra or Cialis. Or can they be taken together until the herbs work on thier own 3 weeks later (as a long term cure) and then stop taking Lavitra or Viagra or Cialis.
When you first start taking Passion Rx, you are likely to notice the benefits on the second or third day of use. Once you are using Passion Rx regularly, you will notice the benefits that very day or the next day. We suggest not taking Passion Rx the same day as Levitra, Viagra, or Cialis. Rather, you can take Passion Rx the day before, and the sexual enhancement benefits actually continue on the second day, sometimes even the third day.

PassionRx testimonials
I have used PassionRx with good results, It made a difference in making my marriage life positive.

Use with Pumps
Q. I have a surgically implanted pump which allows for erections on call. Works very well. My problem is that physical sensation and the ability to ejaculate is greatly diminished. This problem persisted, along with ED before the surgery. The only way for completion of sexual fulfillment is to masturbate. I do not believe the surgery causes the current problem. My question to you is whether Passion Rx product ordered is the best solution to my dilemma or is there another course of action. This problem does effect my confidence and does create anxiety. I am age 58, and in good health. I do take Flomax for urinary problems. One additional note: erectile dysfunction has been an unfortunate companion of mine for many years. The inability to ejaculate during intercourse has been a problem. The implant surgery took place 2 years ago. A surgical procedure called TUNA was performed.
A. Passion Rx with Yohimbe is a strong formula that enhances sexuality and erectile function in most users, and the benefits improve with time. It is not possible for us to predict the response in any one person. One option, if a particular product does not work fully, is to try another sexual product or single sexual herb by itself. There are many to choose from. However, Passion Rx is an excellent choice for most men.

Wholesale orders
Q.  I’m a sales representative for a product here in New Zealand called NRGX which is similar to Passion Rx. Until now NRGX has been manufactured in China by a GMP facility. It’s been a good product and I’ve been supplying health shops, pharmacies and other more adult oriented businesses. We are currently facing a supply problem with some major refurbishing changes taking place in the factory in China at this time. We may have our supply disrupted or halted entirely. Do you have wholesale suppliers in other countries with whom you have exclusive sales agreements to supply product? If would be most interested in selling the Passion Rx and possibly some of the other products from your line here in New Zealand.
A. The people at physician formulas web site take care of such issues. The FDA has tested many popular products on the market and has not indicated Passion Rx to have any drugs in it.


Q. Can you tell me about Passion Rx possibly helping women on antidepressants that being the source of sexual dysfunction.
A. It is difficult to predict the reaction to the combination of Passion Rx with antidepressant medications such as Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, and others. SSRI antidepressants are known to cause loss of sex drive due to their influence on serotonin levels. Passion Rx can enhance sex drive but it may be more difficult since there is always the inhibition going on from the SSRI antidepressant drug. If your doctor approves, you could try half a capsule of Passion Rx every other day, or two days on, one day off. And be patient for 2 weeks to one month. If you find you are having trouble sleeping, reduce the frequency of use of Passion Rx.  If you notice any side effects with the combination, stop the herbs and resume at a lower dosage after two days. Your doctor may also advise you to reduce the antidepressant dosage by half on the days that you take Passion Rx.

Q. My husband and I just ordered Passion rx with Yohimbe and I was wondering if we should not use our infrared sauna on the days he takes it. Our sauna temp usually runs between 120F and 135F. If that’s not advised, then would it be ok to use the sauna the day after?
A. Many herbal sexual enhancing products, including Passion Rx, contain herbs that raise body temperature. Therefore we advise not using the sauna on the day of taking Passion Rx and, to be very safe, the day after. In the long run, Passion Rx is only used 2 or 3 days a week. One has to be cautious using a sauna with pharmaceutical impotence drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra since these drugs dilate blood vessels.

Q. I am 31 yr old and never had sex ,recently i met my girl friend but i noticed that i don’t get a hard erection if i wanted to have sex and i didn’t do sex for this reason. but if i want to do masterbation i get an erection but not as hard as i used to like 2-3 yrs back. Now i want to know if Passion Rx can solve my problem, and if it can solve will this solution be permanent ?to achieve a permanent solution of my problem how many bottles do i need to take.
A. Many people notice more sex drive and better erection after 2 days of Passion Rx, sometimes a day or two off are taken and then the Passion Rx is used again for another 2 days to notice the effect.

Q. I am considering purchasing Passion Rx and was wondering if you would provide me with verification that this supplement is safe to use and that there are no side effects?
A. Every herb or formula or medicine for sexual enhancement has some side effects. The website that sells the product has a full list of the side effects.

Q.  I tried Passion Rx. I had a car accident and was hit on the pelvis. I was operated in my urethra cause it was ruptured. By the effect of the accident and operation some nerves of my sexuality have been affected. Passion Rx helped alot my sexuality and especially in erections. I used now the third pill in 5 days. But the side effect i had was that those bad thoughts of obsessive compulsive disorder where a bit more stronger. What do you suggest that I do? Could it be that with Passion Rx i am having the ocd stronger? I really found it helpful in my sexuality and it really is restoring it. I don’t wish to stop Passion Rx. I used to take passion flower with St johns worth before and it was helpful. Now I am taking passion flower with Passion Rx but still those bad thoughts are coming although just some moment i still feel relaxed.
A. This is the first we have heard of OCD becoming worse with Passion Rx, but unusual reactions can occur. You may consider taking half the dose you normally take, and perhaps every other day or every third day.

Q. I am a male, age 74, in overall very good health with no cardiac problems. My doctor said my last EKG was “picture perfect.” Like many other men my age, I do have a moderate ED problem, mainly with lack of firmness and duration.
I am a little confused whether to order the regular version of Passion Rx or the one with Yohimbe. What are the practical differences in effects between the two in their present formulations? Is age a factor in choosing one over the other, or is it mainly a matter of overall health?
A. Some people prefer Passion Rx with yohimbe, others prefer the one without yohimbe. Both products have a few common herbs and several and nutrients that are not found in the other product. The feedback is that both are effective and it is difficult to predict which one will work better. For those who are older, we suggest using the products one capsule every other day or every third day, or taking half a capsule 2 days on, one or two days off. As time goes on, less is needed since your body will respond better and quicker to the herbs as their effects accumulate.

Q. I have used Mind Power Rx product in the past , Will it be ok to try 1/2 capsule of Mind Power Rx. with 1/2 capsule of Passion Rx. Is there a chance that it can make Passion Rx work better or have a synergistic effect . After all a positive affect on a mind with product like Mind Power Rx can improve libido in itself.
A. Yes, you may try a portion of a capsule of Mind Power Rx and Passion Rx as long as you have taken a full capsule of each before on separate days and you know how you respond to each one.

Q. Have there been any studies or any anecdotal info re: increase in testosterone levels in men with the use of Passion Rx?
A. We have not had feedback regarding testosterone levels after Passion Rx use. We also have not done studies regarding the effect of Passion Rx on testosterone.

Q.  I am 32 yr male and Stamazide user, Stamazide has been good for one year in maintaining libido, mental energy and sexuality till now, but now i notice it cannot keep up with testosterone production as before, even with higher dose. How much testosterone balancing capability does Passion Rx have or is it just acting on the nervous system? Will Passion Rx be enough for me to keep testosterone balance as before or do i need to take something extra for that?
A. Many people do not realize that testosterone is not the only hormone or substance in the human body that influences sexuality. There are many other hormones, brain chemicals or neurotransmitters, and other substances that work together to provide optimal sexual improvement. Passion Rx addresses a number of areas, including hormone production or release, dopamine effects, nitric oxide production, which lead to improved libido, sensations, and stamina. Sometimes it is good to switch from one product to another. It is also a good idea to take a break for a week each month from taking any sexual pills.

Q. My problem is with delayed ejaculation. I am able to ejaculate in reasonable time if I haven’t had intercourse for a couple of days, but ejaculating on back to back days is very difficult (even though my erections are fine on back to back days). I would like to be able to make love with my wife when the mood strikes, as opposed to feeling that I can not do so because we just had sex the night before. I was thinking about ordering Tongkat Ali LJ100, Tongkat Ali 400mg, Tribulus terrestris, or Passion Rx Yohimbe. I am wondering which one of those supplements, or perhaps an entirely different supplement, might offer the best chance of helping my problem with delayed ejaculation.
A. It is difficult to predict in any one person which herb or combination will be most effective. Most people find Passion Rx with yohimbe to be their favorite. Eating more cold water fish or taking fish oil supplements may also be helpful.


Q. On the bottle is says to take one in the morning on an empty stomach, take 2 days and then it gets very confusing. Will you explain how we should be taking the tablets. Is this an ongoing tablet we take all of the time and how many and for how many days on and off. Will this get an immediate erection or just help. Do we only use this when we are going to have intercourse in the next few days.
A. Some people are very sensitive and notice an effect quickly whereas others need more days. There is no single regimen that works for everyone. As a general guideline, one can take a capsule 2 mornings in a row, skip the third day, and then take it again the fourth day. Most People notice the effects by the fourth or fifth days. After that you can take it as needed since some people may find that they can go several days without needing to take Passion Rx again whereas others may need to take a capsule every other day or every third day to maintain arousal. Others may find taking it 2 days in a row and then off several days works for them. The effects of Passion Rx can last several days after stopping it since many herbs have a delayed effect. The general guideline is to use Passion Rx at the lowest frequency that works for your sexual enhancement.


Q. I’ve been reading testimonials by other customers regarding PassionRx, they seem satisfied by this product. Will this product work for those people who have had neobladder surgery? My husband had neobladder surgery. Everything went better than expected as the Drs. stated. Surgeon reported erections during two different procedures. Dr. was giddy. My husband is cancer free now. They said he had another 20-30 years added to his life. Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Had been released from his surgeon after 8 weeks back to his regular urologists. Dr. was happy to hear that my husband was having orgasms already. We told him, but without erections. He put my husband on Cialis just to try. Didn’t work first time which was a downer for my husband. So he kinda quit trying. My husband turned 50 in Aug. 2008 and apparently quite content just to have the orgasms, but as his wife happy that he is alive and here to share 20-30 yrs with me but I’m frustrated. Couldn’t tell by testimonials if Passion Rx works with bladder cancer survivors. His health is perfect in all other areas. As his surgeon stated should be working. Thought maybe Passion Rx would work for us, plus less expensive. Don’t worry will ask Dr. for o.k. on next visit.
A. It is not possible to predict the response of any individual to Viagra, Cialis or herbal sexual enhancers. So much depends on the extent of the surgery and nerve damage. All we can say is that Passion Rx has a high rate of reorder. Some people notice a benefit with 2 to 4 days, whereas others who have significant erectile problems may need much longer to be effective. The pills are taken 2 days on, one day off, and after a few days less frequently. We wish him an optimal outcome.


Q. Does PassionRx elongate the penis as well as thicken it? Does it make the effort last longer?
A. Passion Rx improves blood flow to the penis and can help performance. Some people notice the effects within 2 or 3 days whereas for others it may take a week or two.


I am male 6’7”, 235 lbs. in excellent health. Allergic only to shellfish. I have purchased Passion Rx and ask if I should take a larger dose than recommended due to my size? If so, what should that be and frequency? Also, why is it you recommend not taking dose on 3rd 0r 4th day and then restarting this pattern? I am novice with herbs. Your help will be appreciated. ( I am having difficulty with libido and erectile performance.) What about drinking 2 cups of coffee?
We suggest starting with 2 days on, one day off for a week before making any changes in the frequency of use. Sometimes less works better. It would be better to keep coffee use to one cup a day.