Physician Formulas supplements reviews

Physician Formulas is a supplement company based in Irvine, California. Physician Formulas has a very strong presence on the internet and is one of the most respected internet supplement companies in the world. Part of the success of Physician Formulas rests on the fact that it’s primary expert consultant is Ray Sahelian, M.D. who is one of the most respected supplement expert in the world. Physician Formulas carries products formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D. and sends out more than a hundred thousand newsletters written by Dr. Sahelian to its customers.

Physician Formulas customers
Q. I always enjoy shopping at Physician Formulas. The products are mailed promptly. One time there was a mangosteen item missing and I emailed them. Within a few minutes my email was responded to and they said they would ship another mangosteen. Great service, low prices.

Q. I have such high regards to this company, namely Physician Formulas. I live in Kent, England and I order my products from them, I have placed eight orders thus far for Prostate Power Rx and Passion Rx and each time they arrive promptly. Not just that, but the products work wonderful for my sex life. My wife is quite pleased.

Q. Does Physician Formulas ship products to Canada?
A. Yes, almost all products can be shipped to Canada except for yohimbe, kava, and a couple of other supplements. The Physician Formulas web site mentions the ones that they can’t ship to Canada.

Q. I have purchased several months supply of Physician Formulas Wild Fish Oil and KriaXanthin. Should I refrigerate my supply until use. Especially with the Summer months coming I am concerned about the product becoming rancid.
A. Yes, we recommend fish oils and krill oil and flax seed oil to be refrigerated.

Q. Where can I find Physician Formulas products in italy?
A. Unfortunately customs in Italy is very strict and prevent Physician Formulas from shipping products to Italy from the United States. Perhaps you could try this website from England and it may be easier. You may wish to contact them.