Safe Weight Loss dietary supplement – information Are natural weight loss pills safe? The short answer: Contrary to what the medical establishment says, the vast majority of these natural weight loss pills are safe.
January 1 2017

Safe weight loss pills
There are two ways to lose weight — either reduce energy intake, or increase energy use. If you don’t have enough will power to reduce energy intake by eating less, then Diet Rx, a natural appetite suppressant, will help you control your appetite.
This page discusses natural products that are marketed as weight loss pills and links are provided to help you determine which natural weight loss pill is safe and which have little or no research to back up the claims. For more information on safe weight loss pills and supplements.

Safe weight loss dietary supplement pill that works
Ginger root (Zingiber officinalis), Green-Tea-Extract (Camellia sinensis, standardized to contain 50% polyphenols), Spirulina (Spirulina platensis), Hoodia-Extract (Hoodia gordonii, 20 to 1 extract), Cinnamon root (Cinnamomum cassia), Apple Cider vinegar, Apple pectin, Garcinia Cambogia CitriMax HCA-600 SXS (standardized to contain 60% hydroxycitric acid), Glucomannan konjac 4 to 1 extract, Grapefruit extract (Citrus paradise, 4 to 1 extract), Acetyl-l-Carnitine. Banaba extract (standardized to contain 1 % corosolic acid), 5-HTP, Choline bitartrate, Inositol, Carnitine (Hcl), Pomegranate (standardized to contain 40 % ellagic acid), Bitter melon extract (Momordica charantia), Psyllium husk, Coleus forskohlii (standardized to contain 10 % Forskolin), Fenugreek seed extract 4 to 1 (Trigonella foenum), guggul herb (standardized to contain 10 % guggulsterones), and Inulin. Caralluma is a cactus found in India. CLA is not yet convincing or may be too expensive.

A study in Spain discovered the use of two simple and inexpensive fibers, psyllium and glucomannan, to be beneficial not only in weight reduction, but also in lowering LDL cholesterol levels. For a period of four months, overweight individuals at a university center in Spain were asked to consume additional fiber consisting of 3 grams psyllium husk and 1 gram of glucomannan two or three times daily. Those taking the fiber supplements lost weight of more than 4 kilos compared to the placebo group. The fiber supplements led to lower LDL-cholesterol levels. No adverse effects occurred.

Weight loss product over the counter
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A. A review of Medline did not indicate any studies with Proactol weight loss pill as of 2017.

I am wondering what product would be best for me to lose some weight, I am around 158 and should be 130 for my height of 5′ 3″, I would like something that would turn up my energy and metabolism so that I could burn fat, I don’t have any trouble with appetite, I am not one of those persons that can not stop eating, I do watch what I eat, but I think since I am in menopause my ability to burn fat has slowed down, I am active with dance and work and horses, so I am not the couch potato type.
A number of supplements enhance metabolism, including a bitter orange extract. Diet Rx works well mostly through appetite suppression but also with increased energy and metabolism.

Q. Do you carry Lu-Wong tea? Is it really a good weight loss tool? I am looking for a true fat-burner. One that works! lol.
A. We are not familiar with Lu-Wong tea.

I have several chronic conditions. Diebitis type II. I take metformin and 70/30 insulin. I have major problems with neuropathy. Can you recommend any product in general and specificly do you have any produsts for weight reduction and diebitis treatment. Leptin?

Thermogenic herbs
Q. Is yohimbe bark herb effective as a weight loss product. I really would like a fast  weight loss herbal supplement
A. Although this herb may work as a thermogenic and perhaps as an appetite suppressant, it has too many unpleasant adverse effects to be a useful weight loss diet supplement.

Causes of excess weight gain
Carrying excess weight results from consuming more calories than the body uses. Genetic and environmental factors influence body weight, but precisely how they interact to determine a person’s weight is still unclear. One proposed explanation is that body weight is regulated around a set point, similar to a thermostat setting. A higher-than-normal set point may explain why some people are obese and why losing weight and maintaining weight loss are difficult for them.
Socioeconomic factors strongly influence obesity, especially among women. In the United States, obesity is more than twice as common among women in lower socioeconomic groups as among women in higher ones. Why socioeconomic factors have such a strong influence on women’s weight is not fully understood, but sanctions against obesity do increase with increasing social status. Women in higher socioeconomic groups have more time and resources for the dieting and exercise that enable them to conform to these social demands.
Emotional disturbances, once considered an important cause of obesity, are now considered a reaction to the strong prejudice and discrimination against obese people. One type of emotional disturbance, a negative body image, is a serious problem for many young obese women. It leads to extreme self-consciousness and discomfort in social situations.
Reduced physical activity is probably one of the main reasons for the increase in obesity among people in affluent societies.
Easy access to calorie-dense foods and drinks, along with a sedentary lifestyle in front of the TV tube are major factors. Rarely, hormonal disorders cause obesity.
A number of commonly used drugs cause weight gain. They include corticosteroids such as prednisone and many antidepressants, as well as many drugs used to treat psychiatric disorders.

Benefit of weight loss
If a large proportion of the American population starting eating less and began and exercise program, there would less obesity and deaths from diabetes, heart disease and stroke would drop substantially.

Weight loss diet plans or programs – which are healthiest?
In an analysis of eight popular diets, the Ornish plan, the Weight Watchers High-Carbohydrate diet, and the New Glucose Revolution plan were found to be of the highest nutritional quality and potential benefit on heart health. What the plans all have in common are high amounts of fruits, vegetables and fiber, and low amounts of artery-clogging types of fat. At the bottom of the list came the high-protein, low-carbohydrate Atkins plan, mainly because of its more liberal attitude toward red meat, saturated fat and trans fats, and low amounts of fruit and fiber. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, October 2007.

Prescription medications
Slentrol is manufactured by Pfizer Inc., and used as an anti obesity drug.

Weight Loss Research studies
After reviewing data from 29 studies of the weight loss agent sibutramine, US researchers have concluded that there is still not enough evidence to accurately evaluate the long-term risk-benefit profile of the drug. A report of the findings, which appears in the Archives of Internal Medicine, indicates that sibutramine is effective at promoting weight loss. However, it is unclear whether the drug actually helps reduce obesity-associated illness and death. Also, the net effect sibutramine has on the risk of developing cardiovascular disease remains to be determined.